Interim Management

What should a company do when a key position is vacant for a few months, when important projects are overdue because of personnel shortages or even an unforeseeable crisis has to be mastered?

What can a company do to cope with such challenges? Especially when it reaches its limits of management capacity and critical know-how is missing, even its very existence is at stake?

The employment of an interim manager can decisively contribute to the development of a company or to the successful management of a significant crisis – at a transparent and foreseeable cost. The interim manager increases the stability of the company in times of great change and transfers important know-how in exceptional situations.

The interim manager approaches tasks with a high level of professionalism and acts more objectively and less biased than the internal manager who might be influenced by internal relationship networks. Based on his experience, the interim manager is able to evaluate the situation quickly with a high level of accuracy.

Our interim managers are crisis weathered, senior managers commanding strong analytical and communication skills with years of leadership experience. They possess a high level of technical knowledge as well as a broad experience of many projects in different industries. As true team players they stand out because of their high social competence, their ability to manage conflict and criticism, and their ability to cope with stress.

The interim managers of the MWU regularly exchange knowledge. In addition, they supervise and coach each other and jointly develop new business methods and techniques. This allows our interim managers to make informed, quick decisions, even in critical situations. Furthermore, we can support our customers with additional personnel resources when necessary.

Our philosophy is to go on board as a navigator, lead the crew in the right direction and then hand over the wheel, i.e. concentrating on the important and feasible, coaching the leadership team and transferring know-how. Together with the employees on site, the interim manger of the MWU analyzes the situation and supports the employees in the development and deployment of new strategies. While moving the respective projects ahead, employees experience other viewpoints and learn new and creative management methods. Learning by doing is in the forefront of our philosophy. It allows managers to enhance their knowledge and horizon. It not only keeps their perspective within the company, but more importantly improves it, which positively influences motivation.